Thursday, June 10

WinCo Deals!

I spotted some *HOT deals while at WinCo today:

Watermelon 38 cents/lb.!

1/2 flat strawberries $2.98! (Limit 1)

Strawberries 1 lb. 98 cents!

Bananas 49 cents/lb.!

Betty Crocker Potatoes 4.9 oz. 88 cents

Use .50/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes printable coupon
Final price: 63 cents each!

Wheatables Crackers 10 oz. $1.98
$1.50/1 Wheatables printable coupon (IE)
Or $1.50/1 Wheatables printable coupon (FF)
Or use $1/1 Wheatables printable coupon
Final price: 48-98 cents!

Betty Crocker Brownies 75 cents
.75/2 Betty Crocker Brownies printable coupon
.75/2 Betty Crocker Brownies printable coupon
Or use .75/2 SS 5/30
Final price: 38 cents each!

Hamburger Helper 5.8 oz. 88 cents (And Tuna & Chicken Helpers, too!)
.75/3 Hamburger Helper printable coupon
Final price: 63 cents each!

Minute Maid Orange Juice 128 oz. $4.88
$1.50/1 Minute Maid Juice printable coupon
Final price: $3.38!

Juicy Juice 8 ct. 6.75 oz. $1.98
$1/2 Juicy Juice printable coupon
Or use
$1/2 Juicy Juice printable coupon
Final price: $1.48 each!

Have you spotted some *HOT deals at WinCo, too? Help spread the word! WinCo Foods does not put out a regular ad, so please share the great deals that you see with us.


Shelley said...

Are the 75 cent brownies for the regular or supreme? When I printed out my coupons, they were for the supreme variety.

Amanda said...

I got the bc brownies when I went and a few others...

Nature Valley Granola Bars 1.48
%.50 printable coupon

BC Cake Mix (select) $.78
BC Frosting $.99
Use $.50/2 printable

Chex Mix $.99
$.50/1 printable

Oscar Meyer Sliced Meats $1.98
$1.50 printable or
$1 printable

Those are just a few I remember! I need to go back again (without kids) and really give it a try. Lots of things were shockingly cheaper than even Walmart! Plus they had the greatest candy by the pound selection I have seen! I will definately be back!

Heather said...

@ Shelley- these coupons will work on the 75 cents brownies!

@ Amanda- those are great finds! I didn't see the Chex Mix for that cheap- that's great news! Thanks!

Joys Dumb Deals said...

I posted my finds here

Krista & Jeff said...

just wondering if anyone else gets hassled about their printables...a lot of times mine don't scan in so they don't want to take them...I took the issue up with customer service-they assume if they don't scan they are fraudulent-most of mine they have to type in-which the cashiers don't want to do (thinking they will get in trouble for taking coupons that didn't scan)...anyone else have this problem??

Heather said...

Now that you mention it, mine had to be typed in yesterday, they would not scan automatically.
You can show them that they are legitimate with watermark that prints at the top right hand corner by the date. Every and other printables (except for Target store coupons) have a watermark and show that they are original and legitimate.

Becoming LDS said...

my printer won't print the watermark...will Winco not take them? I've only had problems with this at Fresh Market. Family Fresh, Walmart, Smiths and Target seem to take them just fine but I don't want to be printing a ton for Winco if they won't even except them. Let me know if any of you were able to use your coupons without watermarks. Thanks!

Krista & Jeff said...

Thanks Heather...I showed the customer service lady the watermark and the different numbers that are assigned - I think the head lady is just coupon ignorant...her only defense is " do you know how much money we lose because of fraudulent coupons" she told me that and about nothing else (thus I knew she didn't really know how coupons work) she told me she had seen some incredible fruadulent ones with watermark..yadayada...I finally tuned her out because I got tired of her talking in circles when she didn't know what she was saying to begin with...I just wondered if I was the only's nice to know it isn't just me having to deal with this.

Heather said...

I find that often- we know a lot more about coupons than the checkers & managers at our stores! Hold your ground and keep a copy of the official store coupon policy with you (if they have one!)