Monday, June 7

Get $1 off with Cellfire!

Did you miss the 'Cinderella Cellfire Coupon' offer on Friday? I know I did! Due to technical difficulties, the special cellfire coupon was not available until 4:45 PST! No wonder!

I just e-mailed Cellfire and they told me that if you send an e-mail to and give them your cell phone number, they will award a $1.00 off coupon onto your card as an apology. Send an e-mail, get a $1.00!

Also, they will be doing this again in the future, and I'll be sure to let you know when. Now that they have done this once, I'm sure that they will be more prepared next time!

*Update: I already got my coupon! And, this message from Cellfire:

Dear Valued Cellfire user, Thank you for contacting Cellfire’s Customer Service. We added a 1.00 coupon to your account. Please use this apology coupon the next time you go shopping. 1) Please go to and check in your "saved offers" 2) Then add the "Thank You Offer" to your saving card. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, Cellfire Customer

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