Tuesday, June 1

EXTRA! EXTRA! The BEST Newspaper Deal I have ever seen!

I have a really exciting offer from the Salt Lake papers to tell you about! For a limited time only- get a FULL year of papers delivered to your door on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for only $39! That's 52 weeks- a full year of newspapers for 25 cents each! Wow!

Those of you that already buy newspapers for the coupons know what an incredible deal this is! If you can buy a Sunday paper for around $1 each, that is a steal. That's why I say this is the BEST paper deal I have ever seen!

If you want extra copies of the Sunday paper (trust me, you do!) then the added paper for a COMPLETE year is only $39 more! That's only 75 cents per Sunday paper!

The complete offer from the Salt Lake newspapers looks like this:

1 copy of the Sunday paper- $39
2 copies of the Sunday paper- $72
3 copies of the Sunday paper- $117
4 copies of the Sunday paper- $156
**Best value!

( You will receive 2 S.L. Tribunes and 2 Deseret News with this deal.)

Remember that this is for a COMPLETE year of papers! A regular 6-month subscription for 4 Sunday copies is $128. If you bought a full year of papers, the cost would be $256. You will be saving $100 this year on papers alone!

This may sound like a lot all at once. I always remind myself of how much I used to spend on groceries in ONE shopping trip. I spent well over $100 a week in ONE shopping trip. Every week, every month of the year! You will be receiving thousands of dollars worth of coupons every month in your multiple sets of the Sunday papers. EVERY month! If you follow Savvy Sister Shops and watch for the best deals to use your newspaper coupons on, you will be able to cut your grocery budget in half!

Think how great it feels when you have multiple sets of coupons so that you can get the very best deals and stock up when prices are rock bottom. Deals like the Olay moneymaker deal at Target yesterday and the FREE items that so often come up with sales!

Don't forget that each package comes with a Friday and Saturday paper, this will keep you in the know on all the fun and FREE activities going on in your area! The nice thing about the Salt Lake papers as well is that they deliver to practically every area of Utah!

This offer is only available for a LIMITED time, so I recommend signing up today. You will need to call 801-344-2923 and tell them that Heather sent you to get this incredible price! You may order any package: 1, 2, 3, or 4 copies of the Sunday papers, but I HIGHLY recommend the 4 paper package! It will save you even more money in the long run.

If you have any questions about this offer, please feel free to leave a comment on this post or send me an e-mail at savvysistershops @ live.com (Just remove the spaces.)

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