Tuesday, June 1

FREE Glidden Paint Samples

Get FREE samples of Glidden paint! Try out the 'Room Painter' tool and you can pick 2 sample colors for yourself and 2 for a friend!

Thanks, Dixie Coupon Chicks!


Gemmie said...

Hi Heather,

This probably isn't where I should post this question... I was snipping coupons the other day and cut a bar code right in half. Anyway to salvage that? I tried to tape it together, but will the store accept it that way? Will it even scan?
Thanks, hope all is well, Gemmie

Heather said...

Hi Gemmie,
I haven't used a coupon like that before, so what I would do is take the coupon to the customer service desk at the store where you would like to use the coupon.
Ask them there if it will scan. I think that it will. I hope it works! It is disappointing when you were counting on using that coupon! Let me know how it goes!