Friday, June 4

Littlest Pet Shop Clearance at Target!

If you know me at all, you know that I live for Clearance + Coupon Deals!

My daughters spotted these clearance finds at the checkout line at Target last night! The Littlest Pet Shop toys were marked down to $2.08 each.

I just happened to have my
Buy One Get One FREE Littlest Pet Shop coupon with me. We scored these collectible toys for only $1.04 each! Print 2 BOGO FREE Littlest Pet Shop coupons and check out your Target checkout for clearance toys. These make great little birthday gifts!

*Update! Some ladies are seeing these on clearance at their Target for $1.49! That would make these sweet little toys 75 cents each!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Found your blog today and love your site! I am following now. Come visit my site sometime ..
Would love to share deals and savings information with you!
Thanks, Tina

Heather said...

Thanks Tina! I will check out your site today!

bcrogers1970 said...

The series number weren't the ones that were on clearance for me. I didn't even think to just go up to check out and see if it would work. I will be going back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I bought these today too, but was unable to use the BOGO coupon due to the specific collection inclusion noted on the coupon. Just FYI that your readers MMV :(

Heather said...

Right, I could not find the right serial numbers that matched the coupon either. The numbers on the packages looked nothing like the ones on the coupon.
As we were already in checkout and in a hurry, I thought we should just try it. The coupon was scanned and automatically the $2.04 was taken off!
I hope that you will try it out!