Friday, June 18

Giveaway winners!

Before I announce the winners of the Lehi Roller Mills Heart Healthy Hotcake Mix, I want to say WOW! It was so fun to hear your favorite pancake toppings! Of course there was syrup (my fave too!), strawberry jam, etc. But there are some sweet tooth pancake lovers out there! Lots of strawberries and cream, chocolate chips and even S'mores pancakes! Um, I think we need to get the recipe for that one....

A lot of you like to mix in fruit with your batter as well, yum! I usually only mix in bananas, so I'm going to try to be a little more adventurous and use berries like you do as well!

So without further delay, here are the six winners (chosen by of the Lehi Roller Mills Heart Healthy Hotcake Mix:

#35- Paige! She said, "I like you on facebook."

#33- Hannah! She said, "Love strawberries and blueberries!!"

#19- Mary! She said, "My favorite pancake topping is applesauce and cinnamon. Mmm, it makes it more fresh and light when we're also having eggs and bacon (-:"

#31- Michelle! She said, "My favorite topping is boysenberry syrup."

#20- Dahlene! She said, "I "like" SavvySisterShops" on Facebook!"

#41- Kandi! She said, "I have several friends who have you on facebook as well as myself. I love to hear about deals up in ogden."

Congratulations, ladies! Please claim your prize by sending your mailing address to me at savvy (remove the space.) Send me a pic of you and your family enjoying this healthy mix with your yummy toppings!

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Anonymous said...

Heather- I read on another site that smiths will be doing a double coupon event again this next week like they did a few weeks ago. Have you heard anything on this?