Tuesday, June 15

Have you planted your garden? It's not too late!

Last year we moved to our home in the last part of June. I always loved having a garden planted in the spring, but I thought I'd be too late. Then, I started to learn more about square foot gardens. They are so easy to set up and are a "non-gardeners" garden!
I read that instead of building garden boxes, you could use a worn out bookcase or bookshelves for your garden box. My daughter's white bookcase broke during our move. Instead of throwing it out, we turned it into a garden box!

Just lay the bookcase on its' back and fill with soil. The perfect recipe is 1/3 Peat Moss, 1/3 Vermiculite, and 1/3 Compost. All of these items may be found at garden centers at your favorite store. Mix these three together and then fill the box/bookcase. Then, plant your favorite vegetables. Buy some plants already growing at the garden center to plant your garden!

Our favorite plants are tomatoes. We planted the tomatoes as soon as we could! We had a fantastic green tomato harvest in the fall. Here is my son with 3 of the 5 bowls we picked from our tiny garden! We let them ripen inside and then used them to make spaghetti sauce, dried tomatoes, and we even canned some whole tomatoes! Yum!

I used to think that homemade spaghetti sauce was more expensive than what you could buy at the store. I've changed my mind since I found the $1/1 Muir Glen coupons and can get tomato paste for FREE at Wal-mart and tomato sauce for 9 cents at Macey's. Mmmm... homemade is so much better! If you haven't planted a garden yet, it's not too late! It's the best way to get FREE food right from your own backyard!

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