Saturday, July 17

$5 Back To School Backpack

Get a $5 Back-to-school backpack at RCWilley- no other purchase necessary! This deal is going on now through Monday, July 17. The backpack has some handy school supplies included: 10 pencils, 10 pens, 6 erasers and 1 ruler. This is a great deal!

*I just heard that you may buy up to 5 of these backpacks! This is a great deal for getting all your kids back into school! (Thanks, Amy!)

Thanks, How 2 Coupon Shop!


Amy said...

You can purchase up to 5 backpacks. I got one for each of my children. I told them they could use this one this year, their one from last year or buy their own. YAY!!!

Heather said...

Hey, that's cool! Thanks for the info, Amy!