Tuesday, July 13

It's FREE! National Consumer Panel

I was curious to find out if the National Consumer Panel is still accepting applications.... and THEY ARE! Join this easy program and get paid to shop. The National Consumer Panel needs your help to see what families are buying. They reward you with prizes and even cash!

Check to see if you qualify for the
National Consumer Panel. It makes shopping more fun to know you're getting great deals PLUS getting paid in cash and prizes!

If you qualify, the National Consumer Panel will ship a scanner to you- for FREE, of course. You just scan your weekly purchases at stores and transmit those purchases through your computer. Kids like to help with this, too!


Liz said...

Heather it's barely 2pm and they said that they did not have any scanners available for my area (utah county). :( Any other suggestions? I would love to join this!

Jen Nelson said...

I signed up last time you posted this and just got my scanner this morning! Thanks!

Heather said...

Hi Liz,
I wish I could help you out with this, but unfortunately, they only have so many scanners per zip code to hand out.
Were you able to get on a waiting list? Sometimes they have you wait a bit until someone else turns their scanner in and you get a turn. That's my best recommendation, hope it works!

Christy said...

I signed up a few months ago and just got my scanner today. I live in Herriman. I've read a lot of comments and am deciding whether I really want to do it or send it back.

Coupon Person said...

I've been a member with NCP since January. In my experience the payout is not worth the effort. I just barely have enough points to "buy" a prize. (a $7 baby toy or equivalent).


Heather said...

It sounds like everyone has a different experience with National Consumer Panel. My friend received 5 dollars in the mail just for participating + the points she earns. Also, I get FREE packages with various kitchen tools, etc. from them pretty often!
I do know that if you feel like the effort you put in is not worth it, it's really easy to return. Just put the scanner back in the box it was shipped in, attach the prepaid label and send it back for FREE via UPS.