Tuesday, August 10

FREE French Bread at Target!

I went to Target today with my kids because they needed some items for school. I had my new coupons with me, including the $1/1 Bakery coupon. I was thinking we could grab a FREE cookie or brownie with them, but look at what greeted us at the door:

Market Pantry French Bread Loaves for 99 cents! You can get 2 whole loaves of bread for FREE with your new $1/1 Target coupon! These are the 7 oz. size, but they also had these 16 oz. Crusty French Bread Loaves for $1.29:

A whole loaf of french bread for 29 cents! What a treat!


Crystal said...

Wow! I really hope my Target has their bread priced this cheaply as well.

Sean and Vanessa Barker said...

My target had this price, and I used the $1.29 one for french bread pizza for dinner! Yummy!

Heather said...

That's what we used our bread for, too! Great minds think alike.