Wednesday, August 11

Target Clearance w/ new coupons!

We had a lot of fun with our Target coupons yesterday! Besides the FREE bread, we also used the $3/1 Merona Footwear coupon on socks! The coupon (which is, unfortunately, not available now) had a picture of shoes on it, but they took my coupon for socks. My girls insisted on buying shoe liners for their new cute school shoes. So there you go, you may use the $3 off coupon for Merona socks!

There were also plenty of clearance deals on socks:

Hanes Sheer Basic Knee Highs $1.37
Use the
$1/1 Hanes printable coupon
Final price: 37 cents!

Merona Footless Tights $1.75
Use $3/1 Merona footwear coupon
Final price: FREE!
(Cashier will adjust the coupon.)

Merona Mens Socks 3 pair $3.50
Use $3/1 Merona Footwear Coupon
Final price: 50 cents!

I also have a friend that shops at the South Jordan Target and she found some kids jeans on sale for $4.00! She used the
$2/1 Kids Denim coupon and got a pair of jeans for her little boy for $2.00! (Thanks, Shelley!)

What kinds of deals did you find at Target? Please tell!


Katie Ellis said...

I found a hot pink Merona blouse on clearance and got it for 1.25ish and I also noticed they had flip flops on clearance for around $3 but the sizes were too small for me. I'll go back and check for socks!!

Heather said...

Hey, that's sweet! I was just thinking... I wonder if they'll take the 'foot'wear coupon for the 'footless' tights after all? Hmmm...

Zack Family said...

I got a pair of cute gold metallic sandals for $4.50! I almost bought them last week for $7.50. Glad I passed and waited cause that awesome coupon came out!

Heather said...

That's $3 more in the bank, right?