Wednesday, August 11

Staples Moneymaker! (Courtesy Payless & Office Max)

*Update! This deal is even sweeter than I thought! Make any purchase at Office Max and get a $5/$25 coupon for Payless! Buy a ruler or eraser for 5-10 cents at Office Max and save an extra $5 when you go to Payless. (Thanks, Hip 2 Save & Krystal!)

These are my daughter's new school shoes- aren't they the cutest school shoes you've ever seen? (I knew you would agree.) We bought these at Payless Shoe Source- they are having a Buy One Get One 50% off sale! With all of my kids in school this year, we had to take them up on that deal.

While we were checking out, I noticed they had a little sign that said, "Take your Payless Shoe Source receipt to Office Max and get a $10 off coupon for any $30 purchase." Well, this made my day!

With the Back to School sales this week, you can score a lot of items for FREE with this coupon! How? Remember that Staples accepts competitors coupons? They do! I suggest taking the $10 off $30 Office Max coupon to Staples! (Check with customer service first, just to be sure you won't have trouble checking out.)

Go to Staples and buy the following:
5 Staples Filler Paper 120 sheets = 5 cents

2 Staples Multipurpose Paper 500-sheet ream = $9.98
1 PNY Attace 2 GB USB Flash Drive = $9.99

2 Staples Photo Supreme Paper 50 pack = $2.00 (w/ in-ad coupon)
2 Bic Round Stic Grip Ballpoint pens 12 pk.= $2.00 (w/ in-ad coupon)
2 Westcott 7" Student Scissors = $2.00
Scotch Pop-Up Desk-Grip Tape Dispenser = $3.00
1 4-pk. #2 pencils= $1.00 (w/ in-ad coupon)
Subtotal: $30.02

Use these coupons at checkout:
$10/$30 Office Max coupon
$1/1 SS 8/8 Scotch coupon
$1/2 Bic printable coupon
Pay: $18.02 + tax

Then submit rebates for the 2 Reams of Paper, Flash Drive & Scotch Tape dispenser for a total of $19.97.
Final price: All for FREE + $1.95 moneymaker!

(Plus you'll get some cute shoes to boot!)


Shanna and Jason Blog said...

I love these store deals. Yesterday I was in Gamestop and on the bottom of my receipt it printed a code for $10 off $25 purchase at JC Penny.

Heather said...

That is a great coupon- awesome!

amsangel said...

What is an "SS" coupon? Thanks for all the ideas and info!

Heather said...

You're welcome!
SS stands for SmartSource coupons that arrive in the Sunday paper. I will list the value of the coupon, the coupon insert, and the date that the insert arrives. In this case, use the $1 off Scotch coupon that arrived on Aug. 8. You may want to read this posts on Coupons 101 to get more information. Thanks for your question!

amsangel said...

Well... the clerk didn't said they don't like to use coupons like the $10 off $30 from another store, but this is a recession so he'd do it make the customer happy, "I don't care what corporate says!" :) :) I didn't get quite the deals you did, a lot of things were sold out, but I did get other things I needed so it was definitely worth the trip. THANKS!! (I learned that Staples needs to have the Manf. coupons last, else it locks out the store coupons, then the mgr has to come over etc...)

amsangel said...

Totally forgot to mention I ended up with FOUR pairs of shoes for ONE child!! LOL

Heather said...

Hey, that's great! Did you check out next week's moneymaker? It's worth about $6 + all the FREE stuff. Lucky child that got 4 pairs of shoes! :)

Anonymous said...

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