Friday, January 14

Deal Pulp: Fixing $5 Credit!

*Update: I just got my credit! Hope you got yours as well!

Yesterday I posted about an awesome Target gift card deal at Deal Pulp. As part of the hot deal was the FREE $5 Credit you scored at sign up, but suddenly the credit disappeared and many of us (including me!) didn’t get the FREE $5 credit.

Here's what Deal Pulp said today about this "glitch":

“Most of people got $5. But for a short time, there was a glitch. Anyone affected by this glitch will be reimbursed by contacting us here:"

So, if you didn’t get the credit when you signed up, make sure you contact them with your information (e-mail address/user name info) and let them know that you signed up yesterday (1/13) but did not get the $5 new member credit!

Unfortunately, the Target Gift Card has sold out. But, when you get your credit back, save it for another *HOT deal like yesterday's!

They have already fixed the glitch, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can
still sign up with Deal Pulp now and get the instant $5 credit for the next great deal!

Smart Couponing!

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