Tuesday, January 11

Zaycon Foods: Fresh Chicken $1.49/lb.!

I am SO excited about this great deal on chicken! Zaycon Foods will be making a delivery of Fresh, 100% Organic, Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts to 3 locations in Texas on Jan. 29. The price is just $1.49/lb.!

You will need to
set up an account with Zaycon in order to purchase a box of chicken. In order to get this great price, you will need to order a 40 lb. box. The total price for one box is $59.60. This is an amazing deal and a great way to go if you have the freezer space. You may also want to consider splitting a box with a friend. That way, you will pay only $29.80 for 20 lbs. of fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts!

There are three pick-up locations located in Prosper, Plano, and Mesquite. Your order must be placed by Jan. 21 to pick up on Jan. 29. Keep in mind that this deal is only available until sold out, so don't wait if you want to grab this fantastic deal!

Thanks so much, Julie, Marianna, and Amy for letting me know about Zaycon!

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