Friday, February 25

FREE $5 + Pass of All Passes $39.95 + Giveaway= fun, fun, fun!

OKAY- this is really big news! First of all, the FREE $5 Screamin' Coupons credit is back! Just sign up for a new account with Screamin' Coupons and you get an automatic FREE $5 credit to use towards any deal! Wow! Screamin' Coupons had this awesome promo when they first started, and they brought it back by popular demand!

Screamin' Coupons has awesome deals in Utah and in California- but they are growing! So, even if you don't live in one of these areas, I suggest signing up for a Screamin' Coupons account just to get your FREE $5! Note: The FREE $5 credit will only be offered until Feb. 27 at midnight, so get yours now!

Second BIG deal: Today's Screamin' Coupons deal for the Salt Lake City area is a Salt Lake City "Pass Of All Passes!" Remember when Utah County got these? Well, now it's your turn: just $39.95 for a whole year's pass to Seven Peaks Salt Lake (formerly Raging Waters), unlimited admission to all Utah Blaze home games, 6 events at the Rocky Mountain Raceway, 4 Utah Grizzlies hockey games and 4 Major League Soccer home game tickets for REAL Salt Lake! WOW! This is a $327 value!

Use your FREE $5 Screamin' Coupons credit and your first pass is just $34.95- this is for a pass that lasts all year, Feb. 28, 2011-March 1, 2012!

Even more good news is that I have a FREE Salt Lake "Pass of All Passes" to giveaway! This is my way to thank all my awesome and loyal Savvy Sister Shops readers in Utah- you are the best! This giveaway will last just for 36 hours, so the winner can claim their FREE pass and then still have time to buy the rest of the passes for your family. Even if you don't use/need the pass- what an awesome gift to give away, right?

Here's how you enter: It's an invitation party! It's super easy- just use the "Suggest This" program from the
Savvy Sister Shops Facebook page. My Facebook page format has changed, so you will need to access the program from the left side of the page. See it highlighted here:

Use the
Suggest This program to invite friends to "Like" Savvy Sister Shops on Facebook! Just click to add friends that you think will love Savvy Sister Shops. You will get 1 entry for each friend you invite and 5 entries for each friend that accepts the invitation! (Facebook has a cap of 8-12 per day that you may invite individually, so I suggest using the feed option as well. Let your friends know what awesome deals they can get when they "Like" Savvy Sister Shops! Wouldn't it be great if all your friends were getting awesome deals like you!)

Everyone has an equal chance of winning, even if you have participated in a giveaway like this before. (Results from past giveaways are set to zero.)
The winner of the Salt Lake "Pass of All Passes" is the one who has the most entries using the Suggest This program on Facebook!

*Also, please leave your e-mail address (spelled out) as a comment letting me know you participated in the giveaway- that will make it super easy for me to notify the winner!

Giveaway will end Saturday, Feb. 26 at 8:30 p.m. MST. Winner will be notified via e-mail and right here on Savvy Sister Shops. This pass giveaway is sponsored by Savvy Sister Shops. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I entered the contest by "Suggesting this" to 12 friends on Facebook.

luvinmylilmonkeys at gmail dot com

Mandy said...


Baby Mama said...

Sarah hinhart

Kendra said...

I suggested this to 5 friends on facebook.
Wrightings at gmail dot com

Jen said...

I entered the contest by suggesting this to 8 friends (it wouldn't let me do 12 :( ) on facebook :)

mykidsrmyjoy at gmail dot com

sweetpea08 said...

I suggested to my friends as Rachel Honsvick DeMille
rachel_demille at yahoo dot com

jakell said...


Kimberly said...

I just 'suggested this' to 12 friends on Facebook. So far one has accepted! :]

brassmonky at msn dot com

(P.S. I made this e-mail a very long time ago haha :D

Jen Nelson said...

I suggested this to 12 friends!!

jenmontynelson {at} hotmail

Jessi said...

I suggested to several friends And it let me go back and suggest it to more after I sent ??? I am confused I hope I did it right?

Jen said...

I just sent 12 more invitations. From the 8 I sent this morning, 1 has accepted (Allie Lamoreaux Hamilton). Hooray!

mykidsrmyjoy at gmail dot com

deanna said...

deannalw47 AT hotmail DOT com