Wednesday, February 23

P&G Coupon Booklet! Did you get yours?

Remember the FREE P&G coupon booklets you signed up for?! I just got mine in the mail- yay for FREEness! Here's a first glance look at what you can get for FREE with the coupons:

$1/1 Tide: FREE travel size Tide detergent at Target

$1/1 Crest Toothpaste: Use on any sale where Crest is just $1.00!

.50/1 Dawn: Use at a store that doubles (Kroger, Albertsons, Tom Thumb, etc.) when Dawn detergent is just $1.00- again totally FREE!

$1/1 Gain Dish: The 12 oz. Gain Dish Liquid is around .97-.99 at any store! I just saw these at Wal-mart for 97 cents each. Another FREEbie!

$1/1 CoverGirl: I've used many of these to get FREE items at Kroger and Smith's! You can get FREE eye shadow, nail polish, etc. when they go on sale.

$1/1 any Secret Deoderant: FREE trial size Secret deoderant! My girls love these!

$1/1 Safeguard or Zest Bar or Bodywash- Grab a FREE single bar of soap at any store!

You'll have to hurry and use your first batch of coupons, the first third of the coupon booklet expires on 2/28. There are 3 sets of these coupons, so grab your 3 sets of FREEbies now and wait for sales on the rest. Thanks so much, P&G!


waymom said...

I got mine over the weekend, and Harris Teeter was having Super Doubles, when they double coupons up to $1.98. I used all the Dawn coupons and got 3 small ones free, all the Gain dish and got 3 large ones free(they were on sale $1.99 and coupon doubled to $2), free colgate toothbrushes, free old spice deoderant, plus several other items for .50 or less :)

Heather said...

WOW! Way to go, that's awesome. I need some 'Super Doubles' vibes sent my way. :)

Janneke said...

I got mine today --- only problem is that 1/3 of them expire by Saturday! Gotta run to the store quick now and take advantage of some deals.

Heather said...

You actually have until Monday- gives you a couple more days!