Monday, March 1

The $4 basket

I had a great time meeting some of you at Family Fresh Foods on Saturday! I took this basket of food to Family Fresh Foods and showed new couponers the possibilities when you use coupons consistently.

All of these items, 19 altogether, were purchased at Family Fresh Foods with coupons. 15 items were completely FREE! The Welch's grape juice and the Nature Valley Nut Clusters were $1 each. Altogether, this basket of food cost me $4!

On a side note, you may be wondering where the Febreze came from. This was purchased right before Christmas, on Dec. 22. The Family Fresh Foods ad came in the mail the day before on a Monday. They advertised a 'double coupon' day- no limit! That meant that $2 off coupons became $4 off! It was a Christmas present from Dave and Michelle at Family Fresh Foods. So, the Febreze was $4, and I had a $2 off coupon-FREE! That was another day that it paid off to have my coupons cut, organized and ready to go!

The doubles- no limit (!) day looked like this for me. 33 items for $12.37!

And now, I have an exciting announcement for Savvy Sister Shops. Someone is coming to shop with me at Family Fresh Foods this week....... can you guess who?

That's right- Melea from Freebies 2 Deals! In case you're new to the coupon world, her blog is HUGE here in Utah. She's also a regular guest on Good Things Utah and Studio 5. I'm honored that she wants to come and shop with me. I'm also really excited to meet her and show her around Family Fresh Foods. I know she's going to love doubling her coupons. We are both going to make videos for our blogs, so stay tuned!

I started this post with the $4 basket, because I will be giving Melea a similar basket to give away at her big coupon class. I hope the lucky winner enjoys this gift from Savvy Sister Shops!

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