Tuesday, March 2

Macey's chicken, 4 lbs. for FREE!

I'm just starting to look into this new 'Budget Buster' coupon booklet from Macey's. The first coupon on the cover says, 'Super Saver Pack Meat' $3.00 off! Their ad for this same item of 'Super Saver Pack Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts' is only $1.48/lb. Use the new 'Budget Buster' $3 off coupon (** Coupon is good for 2 packs of chicken!)- get 4 lbs. of chicken breasts absolutely FREE! That is already an incredible price on chicken, so grab yours quick!!

*Your 'Budget Buster' coupon booklet should arrive in the mail with your ad tomorrow. If you do not get one, you can pick it up at the store! There are some awesome coupons in it!


Denise said...

I know where I'm headed today! to get some free chicken! Thanks!

Sean and Vanessa Barker said...

Heather, thanks so much for looking into these. I got excited when I was emailing you yesterday, but quickly calmed my excitement not knowing if it would be that great as I didn't have much time to look into it yesterday.
Now, the excitement is back, and I decided this is a GREAT FIND!