Tuesday, March 2

HOT week at Walgreen's!

There are a lot of great deals at Walgreen's this week that you will want to grab!

Check over at
Grocery Smarts for the complete low-down on Walgreen's deals this week! They are HOT! The Utah password at Grocery Smarts is g84chs. Save it as a favorite, then you won't have to type the password in each time.

Also, Walgreen's is a great place to use your FREE Nabisco cookies coupon! (I'm assuming you snagged it yesterday....did you notice it expires on Thursday?)

Walgreen's has single sleeves of boxed Nabisco cookies for only 99 cents. Buy a gallon of milk for $1.99 and get 2 sleeves of cookies and milk for $2.98! Not too bad!

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