Tuesday, March 2

Notice something about your coupons?

I’m sure you did if you were printing coupons last week, hoping to get them doubled. A lot of printable coupons (especially the General Mills coupons) cannot be doubled! Well, this doubling thing has really made me take a closer look at my coupons.

Take these for instance: you have a .50/2 coupon and a .40/2 coupon. The .50/2 is more valuable, right? Not at a store that doubles coupons, like our good friends at Family Fresh Foods! The .50/2 coupon cannot be doubled, so we look to our 40 cents off coupon instead. The 40 cents off turns into 80 cents off! So the .40/2 coupon is more valuable in this instance.

Most of the coupons that CAN be doubled are coupons from the coupon inserts found in your Sunday newspaper. If you do not have a newspaper subscription yet, I highly recommend placing one today! Check out my awesome newspaper deal with the Standard Examiner, you'll love getting lots of coupons that can be doubled every week- delivered right to your doorstep!

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