Friday, March 19

Awesome game deals!

I promised a friend last night that I would post about all the awesome games deals still available!

Grab the travel size Hungry Hungry Hippos game at Wal-mart for $5.24
$4/1 printable coupon (Print 2!)
Final price: $1.24!

Other great game finds:

Mini Bop It!- Grab this one at Target for around $9.99
$5/1 printable (Print 2!)
Also use
$3/1 Target coupon (Print 2!)
(Coupon is for Hasbro games and will say 'Family Game Night')
Final price: $1.99!

Mini Monopoly Game priced around $7.99 at Target
$5/1 printable coupon (Print 2)
Final price: $1.99!

Or, use the $5 coupon for:
Monopoly Deal card game $4.00 at Wal-mart or $5.24 at Target
$5/1 printable coupon
Final price: FREE or 24 cents!

(I went to buy the Monopoly card games at Wal-mart and they told me that adjusting the coupon down to $4.00 is fraudulent. I have since learned that adjusting the coupon down in NOT fraudulent, they will still be paid by the manufacturer the $4.00 amount of course! So... I'm going to be making some phone calls this morning. Sometimes people are just misinformed about the way that coupons work. I tell you this in case you run into the same issue. I do know that the Utah county Wal-mart employees are now trained to adjust the coupon down! Just a little FYI!)

Thanks for the great game finds, Hip 2 Save!


REBYRYAN said...

I just tried to do the Hungry Hippos deal at Walmart and was told that the coupon only applies to the full size game. When they rang the coupon, it said coupon does not match and they cannot override an internet coupon. Blah...

Heather said...

That's crazy, really. I just got 2 the other night without a problem. The coupon clearly states 'Hungry Hippos game' and does not specify a size of game. The checker CAN override coupons and if you have trouble just ask to talk to a manager and continue on up until you get the correct answer that you may use this coupon with this item!

Chad, Kendra, Eva and Kara said...

They told me the same thing when I went to buy the travel size game...lame!