Friday, March 19

EXTRA! EXTRA! Get your newspaper subscriptions!


You heard that right! Now, if you are a reader anywhere in Utah, you can order a paper subscription through Savvy Sister Shops at a special discounted rate!

You might ask, "Why a newspaper subscription?" The Sunday newspapers are the most reliable, most basic, and easiest way to ensure you are getting awesome coupons! What could be easier than getting multiple sets of coupons dropped off right to your doorstep? It feels like Christmas morning every Sunday to me!

First up, The Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune. These come with the following coupon inserts: SmartSource, Proctor & Gamble and the General Mills inserts. In order to get multiple copies of the Sunday papers delivered to your doorstep, you must order these 6 months in advance. This may seem like a lot to you- but I have some special gift cards for you if you decide to go with this option. The gift card amount goes up with more copies of the Sunday papers.

If you live in Salt Lake county, these are the papers for you! If you live anywhere else in Utah and love The Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune, this deal is also for you!

The Deseret News & The Salt Lake Tribune rates:

Buy 1 Copy of the Sunday Paper for 6 Months- $32.00
Buy 2 Copies of the Sunday Paper for 6 Months- $64.00 -Get a $10 Smith's Gift Card
Buy 3 Copies of the Sunday Paper for 6 Months- $96.00- Get a $15 Smith's Gift Card
Buy 4 Copies of the Sunday Paper for 6 Months- $128.00- Get a $20 Smith's Gift Card
(You will get 2 copies of The Deseret News and 2 copies of The Salt Lake Tribune when you order 4 Sunday papers.)

Buying 4 sets of the paper for 6 months is the BEST deal here! You automatically get the $20 gift card back, so the real cost is $108.00. This gives you the paper (about 100 copies) for a whole 6 months! That's about $1 per paper! I have asked myself how many times I went to the store (before I learned to use coupons) and dropped at least $100 into ONE shopping trip. The answer is: MANY times!

The $108 investment you put into the 6 months of 4 copies of the papers is exactly that: an investment that will pay you back many times over!

**Call Debbie at 801-344-2923 or Ben at 801-344-2902 to order this special offer
This is KEY: You must tell them that Heather sent you in order to get this amazing rate!

Recently, I got over $100 dollars worth of makeup for FREE with just 6 of my newspaper coupons. I'm also going to Smith's today to get FREE tuna with my newspaper coupons. Deals like this are happening every week! So, make the commitment to getting the newspaper, it truly will pay you back many times over.

I'm also excited to announce that Savvy Sister Shops can help you get the Daily Herald! This paper is for the Utah county area and all the way down to Nephi, and up to Heber City and Midway.

This paper is unique in that they still offer the Red Plum coupon inserts in every single paper that you order. These also come with the standard coupon inserts: SmartSource, Proctor & Gamble and the General Mills inserts. The rest of us get only one Red Plum insert mailed to us during the week. So, if you live in the areas listed above, this is the paper for you! You can get up to 5 copies of the Sunday paper! More papers= more savings!

Here's the rates for The Daily Herald:

2 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $12.53 per month
3 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $15.55 per month
4 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $18.57 per month
5 Copies of the Sunday Paper for $21.82 per month

*Plus, as an added bonus, you are also going to receive 1 Thursday edition of the newspaper every week! This includes many Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Restaurant offers, along with entertainment offers, and an e-edition of the paper! WOW! I think this would be the paper for me! (If only I lived in the right area!)

To order this paper at this FANTASTIC rate, call 801-375-5103 and tell them that Heather sent you! You must mention my name to get these amazing discount rates on the Daily Herald!

And.... don't forget, I still offer the amazing
SUPER COUPON SPECIAL through The Standard Examiner for those of you that live in the Davis, Weber, and Box Elder areas of the state. This is also a fantastic deal that allows you to pay a flat monthly fee that you are free to cancel at any time! For more information about this paper deal, read here.

I can tell you that my personal family budget is very tight right now, but I would not go without getting my newspaper subscription! The small amount that I see as an investment gives me so many groceries back! I truly am paid over and over again with this simple investment.

Worried about all those papers piling up in the garage and in your home? Drop them off at your children's or the neighborhood school! They will be paid for the papers you drop off!

Worried about cutting so many coupons? I show a
quick and easy way to cut multiple sets of coupons at the same time here.
You can either earn money at a job to pay for your groceries, or earn money by cutting and organizing your coupons! Coupons=cash!

If you have any questions about these newspaper deals, please e-mail me at or call the numbers listed above- we will be happy to help you in any way!

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