Monday, March 15

Walgreen's 101

There are a few rules at Walgreen's that you will want to know before you shop there!

1. A Register Reward is a coupon that you get back when you buy certain products. It will automatically print at the register when you purchase a Register Reward item. Walgreen's has Register Reward offers in their ad every week.

2. You can only get one Register Reward at a time for a certain product. So, if you buy 3 toothpaste tubes that all offer the Register Reward in the same transaction, you will only get 1 Register Reward. But, if you buy the toothpaste tubes in separate transactions, you will get all 3 Register Rewards coupons.

3. You may buy different items in the same transaction that all offer Register Rewards and you will receive each of the Register Rewards.

4. Do not pay for a transaction with a Register Rewards coupon when you are expecting another one to print out for you. If you use a $2 Carefree Register Reward to pay for a Carefree item that offers a Register Reward, the Register Reward will not print.

5. You cannot have more coupons than you have items in one transaction, or some of the coupons may be denied. If you have a Register Reward and a manufacturer's coupon to use on the same item, buy another small "filler" item so you may use both coupons.

6. You will always have to pay sales tax on the items you buy!

Thanks to Amy, The Savvy Shopper, for help with Walgreen's rules!

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