Monday, March 22

Cellfire coupons- even easier!

Getting cellfire coupons could not be any easier! You can now load your Smith's card full of eCoupons right from Savvy Sister Shops! Just use the Cellfire bar on the left hand side of this site, and click 'Select' under each coupon. (I suggest loading all the coupons available, there is no penalty if you don't use them, they will just fall off your card when they expire.)

Use the arrow buttons to scroll up or down until you have loaded all the cellfire coupons. When you have clicked 'Select' on each coupon, just click the green button at the bottom of the scroll that's labeled 'Get Select coupons.' A small box will pop up where you enter your 10 digit phone number associated with your Smith's card, (or your Fred Meyer card- they were just added to Cellfire!) and also your year of birth. Click 'log in' and you are set to go with your Cellfire coupons!

These are the easiest coupons to use BY FAR! Just scan your card in at Smith's just like you regularly do. The eCoupon amount automatically comes off your total when you buy the select products featured by Cellfire.

I will be, of course, alerting you when NEW Cellfire coupons are available and when they match up to Smith's ad items. Keep the savings rolling! For more information about Cellfire coupons, read
my post about them here.

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