Saturday, March 27

Step Start Walk 'N Ride for only $5.00!

The Hasbro Walk 'N Ride toys have been spotted at Wal-mart on clearance for only $10! This amazing siting occured at the Layton Wal-mart, but it may be at your Wal-mart, too.

Use $5/1 SS 3/21 coupon or the $5/1 printable and get this cute toy for only $5.00!

Thanks, Angela!


Chels said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU! I immediately went to the Layton one. They had one pink one left and the one pictured. I grabbed the one pictured cause its more neutral!! These are normally 20 bucks and I have been wanting to get one for awhile. Also when I was at the Layton one a couple nights ago they had the Giraffe Limbo for 5 bucks!!!! Me and my sister in law grabbed one and there were still a few left. These are normally around $30!

Rick and Angie said...

Thanks for all you do! I follow your blog constantly. There is still so much more I need to learn. I was so excited I bought this. Our baby will be needing this come Christmas, so it's in storage until then...but Santa can't beat $5!!!