Tuesday, March 23

FREE and cheap at Target!

Lunchables Lunch Combination $1.00
Use $1/1 SS 3/21
Final price: FREE!

Arm and Hammer Travel Size 97 cents
Coupon: $2.50/2 from SS 3/21
Final price: 2 for FREE!

Campbell’s Cream of Chicken & Cream of Mushroom Soup 4/$3
$1/2 printable
Final price: 25 cents each!

Shout 4-pack Travel Size Wipes 97 cents
Use .55/1 SS 3/21
Final price: 42 cents!

Heinz 16 oz Vinegar (White or Apple Cider) 99 cents
.50/1 printable
Final price: 49 cents!

Beach Towels in the dollar spot $2.50
$2/1 beach towels printable (Print two!)
Final price: 50 cents!

Rice A Roni & Pasta Roni Assorted Flavors 92 cents
Use $1/3 from RP 1/3
Final price: 59 cents each!

FYI- Your Target's prices may vary!

Thanks for these great ideas,
Totally Target, Cuckoo for Coupon Deals, and Couponing to Disney!


Shelley said...

Just a few notes about Target, (they are quickly becoming my least favorite place to use coupons).

- You can only print one beach towel coupon from the site and they won't accept it. I tried. Even though there were no stipulations on the coupon and the towels in the dollar spot clearly have a tag that says "Beach Towel", it beeps and they would not override it.

- My Target is limiting the number of coupons you can use for items now. For example, I went in with 2 Connect Four coupons and they said I could only buy one game. I told them my coupons were valid and did not say "one per customer." Then they said the rule was one per transaction. So I told them I would do it in 2 transactions. Then the girl said, "No, I meant 1 per customer." I asked where this rule was stated and she said they were GOING TO, (but hadn't yet), make a sign to put back by the games. I was extremely frustrated and told them I did not think it was fair of them to make up rules as customers were checking out.

I am starting to factor in being treated poorly every time I use coupons at Target as a "cost." I just saved my other Connect 4 coupon and I will be price-matching at Walmart and using it there. Does anyone else have as much trouble as I do?!

Anonymous said...

FYI I went to the Riverdale Target this morning and they were out of Beach towels. I was told they would not be restocking them. The shelves for Huggies diapers were also wiped clean. HTH!

Heather said...

Shelley, My advice is to go to Target armed with this: Target official coupon policy. I have both Wal-mart's and Target's policies printed and I keep them with my coupons in case there are any issues. I haven't had to use them yet, but it sounds like this will come in handy for you. The store has to abide by corporate policy, if they don't, just keep asking to talk to managers and supervisors-you could even tell them that you will call the corporate offices if they do not abide by policy. The policy is clear and they cannot start making up rules as they go along, it must be in writing! Good luck!