Friday, March 26

My best shopping trip yet! favorite part of my job has got to be the field research! I think I had my best shopping trip on record yet!

This is how I got most of the above items for FREE! (My son is in the pic, because it's all thanks to him.)

So, my son has ezcema on his legs and we have to buy prescription cream for it.
I went to Rite Aid to fill my son's prescription. $25 gift card, anyone?! They refilled his cream prescription (cost of $9.00), gave me the $25 gift card and I started shopping!
I'll spare you all the details, but let's just say Rite Aid is my new best friend! Here are some highlights:

Renu travel size kit (2 oz. solution + lens case) on sale: 99 cents!
Used $1/1 printable
Final price: FREE!

Herbal Essences travel size shampoo and conditioner 4 @ 99 cents each
Used 4 B1 shampoo or conditioner G1 styling product FREE P&G 2/7
Final price: $3.96 for 8 products!

(4 styling products priced at $4.49 each for FREE!)

2 KISS artificial nails kits on clearance $1.42 each
(My daughters will get a kick out of these.)
Used 2 $2/1 printable
Final price: $1.16 overage!

Roundup week killer concentrate $13.99- no coupon used, I just needed it and I was getting it FREE with the gift card.

Also, Rite Aid does take store coupons (like the video values coupons) and manufacturer coupons together on the same item!
(Even though the store coupons also say manufacturer coupon.)

When I got to the register, I also used $5 off $20 coupon.
Grand total after coupons: $24.90!
Used $25.00 gift card, I have 10 cents left over!!

I also had a great shopping trip at Wal-mart!

Check out the Monopoly card games at your Wal-mart- the ones with the $5 coupon inside are ringing up for $2! Even if you're out of coupons for these, you'll make money with the coupon you get back.

Also, the Snuggle Free Clear 80 ct. dryer sheets are $3.48
Use $3/1 RP 3/28
Final price: 48 cents!

Schick disposable razors 10+2 yellow pkg. $1.97
Used 6 $3/1 SS 3/21
Final price: 6 bags for FREE!

I spent a total of $5.48 at Wal-mart. Remember that article about earning $100 an hour as a coupon user? Today I felt rich!


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