Tuesday, April 6

FREE bottle of Country Bob's sauce!

**These are not sold in Utah! Utah was not on the list of places not available, so I assumed we could get this product here.

Get a FREE bottle of Country Bob's Original All Purpose sauce! Just register to get Country Bob's newsletter and you will receive a coupon to pick up an absolutely FREE bottle at a store near you!

Thanks, The Thrifty Couple!


Sean and Vanessa Barker said...

Does anyone know where you can find this? I got my coupon, but can't find it anywhere.

Heather said...

Hi Vanessa,
Their site finally let me on to check! Unfortunately, the closest place to get this is in Las Vegas or in Colorado! Oops! They had a list of states that this product was NOT available, and Utah was not on the list! I assumed they had it here, sorry about that!