Thursday, April 8

FREE Strawberry Plant!

Did you spot the coupon in today's newspaper?

It's for a FREE strawberry plant courtesy of IFA stores! No purchase necessary, get the FREE strawberry plant just for coming in the store!

I also noticed that they have 3 1/2" perennials for 99 cents! That is a super price!

For more great garden deals, look at
this post by Freebies 2 Deals on Home Depot Black Friday Spring Sale! Ahh... I love that spring is finally here!

Thanks to my daughter, Becca, for noticing the FREE coupon! She said, "Look, Mom, FREE!" I'm so proud- a little Savvy Sister in training!


Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

Thanks I like these deals. I linked back to you. Staci @

suzyQT73 said...

Thanks Heather,
I just picked up my free strawberry plant. YAY!!!