Friday, April 9

FREE Hallmark kids cards!

Sometimes it pays to call ahead! I saw a deal where you can pick up a FREE kids card at Hallmark and wanted to post this for all of you. So, I called my local Hallmark store to make sure they are participating in this FREE offer.

The owner of the store said that they are indeed participating! They are giving away FREE Kids 'Encouragement' cards and they have 9 cards to choose from. They have such messages as, 'You're doing great', 'I love you' and other encouraging messages. Here's the most exciting part: the owner said that she has so many FREE cards to give away, that you can come and take as many as you like! WOW!

You may want to call your local Hallmark store and see if they are giving away stacks of cards, too! Try locating your store's number
here and give them a call!

Thanks, Koupon Karen!

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Heather said...

P.S. In case you are wondering, my Hallmark store is 'Annie's Hallmark' located on Harrison and close the Smith's!