Thursday, April 1

Q: Is a newspaper subscription for me?

A: Only if you like FREE stuff!

These are the items I got for FREE with my newspaper coupons last month. I get 5 Sunday copies. The more papers you have = more FREE things! And, I did not get any of these items at Family Fresh Foods- you can get these deals anywhere in Utah!

March tally: (BTW, some items in the pic do not match the numbers in this list- I give lots of FREE things away at my FREE coupon classes!)
7 FREE pouches of Bumblebee tuna (Smith's) Valued at $.97 cents each.
6 FREE Gillette Clinical Deoderant (Target) Valued at $1.99 each.
5 FREE Travel Size Tide (Target or Wal-mart) Valued at $.97 each.
5 FREE Halls Cough Drops (Anywhere) Valued at $1.99 each.
5 FREE bags of 12 Schick razors (Wal-mart) Valued at $1.97 each.
1 FREE Visine (Anywhere- Utah County subscribers could have 5 of these for FREE with their Red Plum inserts!) Valued at $1.99 each.
5 FREE Travel Size Clean & Clear Face Scrub (Target) Valued at $.97 each
1 FREE John Frieda Shampoo (Target) Actually made 52 cents with $3/1 coupon! Item was on clearance for $2.48!

Cover Girl Face makeup (Rite Aid) Total value: $106.74

Can you see how the small amount you pay for papers each month pays you back BIG TIME? I would not go without my newspaper subscription, no matter how poor I may be! It pays for so much of what I use everyday! I consider it a small investment for what I get back each and every month.

So total for the month of March= paid $19.99, got back $157.21!

Total payback for March = $137.22.
And this does not even include all the cheap and discounted items I received with my newspaper coupons!

These deals were made at Smith's and Rite Aid when I used Buy One Get One FREE coupons from the Proctor & Gamble coupons:
Spent $6.78 and got $24.54 in FREE products! Total payback= $17.76! This almost paid for my month's worth of papers alone.

So, don't wait! You know I'll have another pile of FREE stuff from April's coupons, right? Don't miss out! I will let you know of EVERY deal so that you can CA$H in with your newspaper coupons!

To order the Salt Lake papers:
Call Debbie at 801-344-2923 or Ben at 801-344-2902 and mention my name: Heather

To order the Daily Herald: Call 801-375-5103 and tell them that Heather sent you!
Like I mentioned, you lucky people get all the regular coupons (SmartSource, Proctor & Gamble, and General Mills) + a RED PLUM in every paper! 5 copies every Sunday is only $21.82/month! (This paper available in Utah county areas, down to Nephi and up to Park City and Heber!)

And, there's the newspaper deal I receive: The Standard Examiner available to residents of Davis, Weber and Box Elder county areas. $19.99/month for 5 Sunday copies + a daily paper! Call Dave at 625-4448 and again tell him that Heather sent you!

Don't miss out in April! Call today and get your coupons delivered to your door on Sunday!


Brian Alyssa Addison Kenai said...

Heather- So... Standard won't deliver to my house. Which I don't understand. I live in a well populated neighborhood and people across the street get the paper ? 1625 E Bateman Way South Weber. have you heard of this before? I have even ahd them show up on my door asking me before. - Alyssa Dean

Heather said...

I contacted Dave at the Standard to see what is up with your address! I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from him.