Friday, May 14


Just when I thought I couldn't love Smith's any more! Smith's is doubling coupons starting this weekend! Sunday 5/16- Tuesday 5/18! Cut out your coupons, ladies- this is BIG!

Here's how it works:

Manufacturer coupons automatically double in value at checkout. You still only use 1 coupon per item. Up to $1 off coupons will be doubled, but no coupon over $1 will be doubled.

Every coupon under $1 will be doubled to a dollar!

.25/1 = $1 off!
.50/1 = $1 off!
.75/1 = $1 off!

This is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Amy, The Savvy Shopper at Savvy Shopper Deals is putting together a fantastic list of cheap and FREEbies as part of this sale. These are some of the highlights, but you can check out her complete list over here, in the Savvy Shopper Deals forums!

Sunny D 64 oz $1.29 and 99 cents

Use .25/1 SS 5/9
Or use .25/1 printable
Final price: FREE-29 cents!

Mentos Gum $1.00
Use .55/1 SS 2/21 or SS 4/25
Final price: FREE!

3 Musketeers Single Candy Bars 50 cents

Use .25/1 RP 5/16
Final price: FREE!

Flipz $1.00

Use .50/1 SS 3/28
Final price: FREE!

Wacky Mac Pasta $1.25

Use .50/1 printable
Final price: 25 cents!

Suddenly Salad $1.00

Use .40/1 printable
Final price: FREE!

Mccormick Taco Season Pouches 79 cents

Use $1/1 RP 4/25
Final price: FREE!

Hormel Pepperoni 3.5 oz $2.29
Use .55/2 printable (Print 2)
Or .55/2 printable
Final price: $1.29

Lady Speedstick $1.00

Use .75/1 printable
Final price: FREE!

Softsoap Hand Soap $1.00
Use .35/1 printable
Final price: FREE!


The Gillens said...

Wow! So excited to get all my coupons together. I just have one question if it specifically says on the coupon do not double then you can't use that one?

Shelley said...

I'm a little confused - so .25 cent coupons will be worth $1 and not 50 cents? And .75 cent coupons will only be worth a dollar and not $1.50? So if you have $1 off coupon, will it be doubled to $2? Sorry - just want some clarification...and do you have a link to Smiths where they give the details?

Heather said...

Gillens, I'm checking on the 'do not double' coupons. I did the Smith's doubles last year and it wasn't an issue, so I'm hoping it won't be an issue this year!

Shelley, yes, ALL coupon under $1 will just automatically adjust to $1 off. The promo is a little different this year. Coupons $1 or more will NOT be doubled, only those under $1 will be a $1 off!

There's no link to Smith's yet, this is an inside scoop through Savvy Shopper Deals. Click her link to see the info on the forum.

Heather said...

Just got word back on the 'do not double' coupons- they will double them! It just means that the store will not be reimbursed that amount- I'm sure they were planning on that anyhow.

I used tons of coupons last year, I'm sure a lot of them said 'Do Not Double' on them- they took every single one!

The Gillens said...

Excellent! Thanks so much for checking on that Heather. Love your blog. Thanks for all your hard work. :)