Tuesday, May 11

Target bandage deals

I'm pretty sure that most of the population is getting (or will get) the Target summer savings guide. To me, it's a coupon booklet, because there are some awesome coupons inside! Here's hoping that we have the same coupons inside so that we can get the same deals.

Let's start with the bandage coupons!

Band-Aid 10 ct. Hello Kitty Bandages 97 cents (In travel size section)
Use .50/1 SS 4/25
Also use .75/1 Band-Aid Target coupon
Final price: FREE + 28 cents overage!

Nexcare 20 ct. Kids' bandages $1.77 (On sale until 5/15)
Use $1/1 printable (Print 2)

Or use these Nexcare coupons
Also use .50/1 Nexcare Kids' bandages Target coupon
Final price: 27 cents!

FYI- I went into the Riverdale Target today armed with my printed Target coupon policy, Customer Service number, Reference number and cell phone, just in case they gave me trouble again about a coupon being 3 cents over the price of the product! I went straight to the customer service desk. I surprisingly talked to someone that knew what the REAL Target coupon policy is. She said that they should be adjusting the coupons down and that some of the cashiers are confused about that policy. She said that if I had any more trouble, to ask for a manager- they should also all know the policy of adjusting coupons.

I went through checkout without a hitch! Yay! They even took my overage coupons for the Band-Aid products, the $1/1 Tide coupon for the travel size detergent, and the $1/1 Carefree coupon for the 99 cent packages. Yes- that is the Target I know and Love!

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Haley Hill said...

I'm so glad you mentioned this! I am new to couponing and I went to the Riverdale Target last week and they wouldn't let me do this. The customer service desk said that they can only adjust the prices if it's for Target coupons-not manufacturer's coupons. Is this what you understand? Email me if you like: haleybethhill@gmail.com. Thanks!