Monday, June 28

Another Cowabunga Bay Deal- $11.75 All-Day Passes!

There's another Cowabunga Bay deal, this time from Screamin' Coupons! This one is very similar to the City Deals Cowabunga Bay BOGO FREE deal: Screamin' Coupons has All-Day Cowabunga Bay passes for $11.75 each!

If you're new to
Screamin' Coupons, or have signed up and not used your $5 credit yet, your first pass is only $6.75! That's an unreal price for an all-day pass, normally $23.50 each!

You can only buy
1 BOGO FREE Cowabunga Bay City Deals pass, but you can get 2 $11.75 Cowabunga Screamin' Coupons passes, so it looks like we're getting close to getting enough discount passes for your whole family! If you need more discount passes, I recommend having your husband sign up for a Screamin' Coupons account as well- and you could get another $5 credit and get 6 Cowabunga Bay passes for $60.50- about $10 each! Sweet!

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