Tuesday, June 29

City Deals Exclusive Offer!

*If you tried the code FACEBOOKFAN this morning and it wasn't working, please try again! City Deals fixed it so you can get your extra 15% off!

City Deals has an exclusive offer for my friends (that's you) and family today only! You can get another 15% off ANY City Deals gift certificate today until midnight! Just head over the City Deals, choose your favorite gift certificate or gift certificates and enter the code FACEBOOKFAN at checkout to get another 15% off eating out and fun passes.

Here are some ideas of the kinds of deals you can get with this promotion:

$10.20 for a Cherry Hill Combo Pass- normally $24.00!

$11.90 for an All Day Swim Pass at Cherry Hill- normally priced at $17.00 each.

Get 2 All Day Cowabunga Bay Passes for $19.98!

$10.63 for a $25 Sparetime Family Fun Center in Roy.

$10.63 for a $25 Rod Works gift certificate!
(I know a lot of ladies that love Rod Works!)

These are just a few ideas, there are lots of eating out gift certificates, like
Pepperbelly's in Kaysville, Pizza Factory in Ogden ($25 for $10.63!) and more National Deals for those of you that do not live in Utah!

If you're ready to save and extra 15% TODAY just click on the links above and be sure to enter the code FACEBOOKFAN at checkout! This promo code is good until tonight, June 29 at midnight!


gemmie Benson said...

THis code is not working? Do you know anything?

Heather said...

Let me find out Gemmie!

Heather said...

Gemmie, I just spoke with City Deals and the code is working again! They had a glitch for a moment, but now it's up again... sorry about that!