Monday, June 28

Sunday coupons are *HOT!

WOW! The Sunday coupons from yesterday's paper are HOT!

We have the reappearance of the $2/1 Schick Disposable Razors coupon!
This means FREE bags of 12 Schick razors at Wal-mart, or 2 FREE razors at Smith's!

Also, the $2.50/1 Finish Dishwasher Detergent coupon- I love this one! Hang on to those and watch for a great sale.

Did you get the $2/1 Pantene Styler coupon? I know for sure that it was in the Parade Magazine. Pair that with the $1/1 Target Store flyer coupon (another fun surprise in the Sunday paper) and get FREE Pantene Styling products at Target!

Don't miss out on the savings, get your paper subscription. The Salt Lake papers promotion is still on! $39 a year! WOW! I'm not sure how long this promotion will last, but it looks like it will be extending into July. Call Debbie today at 801-344-2923 and tell her Heather told you about this deal. Debbie is at the Daily Herald office and she can set you up with this *HOT paper deal. This is seriously the cheapest way to get your newspapers that I have ever seen.

Next week's coupons could be even *HOTTER- you never know what FREE items you will get with the next set of coupons!


Anonymous said...

Where in the newspaper was the target insert? My aunt found one in hers but i have searched both of mine and can't find them anywhere

Heather said...

Mine were both in the Salt Lake papers. I can't remember exactly where they were in the stack.

They have pictures of a bunch of P&G products on the front, like Tide, prilosec, pantene, cover girl, etc. What paper did you get yesterday?

Amanda said...

I cant find mine either and I get 2 deseret news and 2 SL tribune. Hmmm maybe I better relook

Brooke said...

We get the Standard Examiner but I'm not sure they were in there. I'm goign back out to the recyclign bin to dig. Did anybody find one in their Standard Examiner

Anonymous said...

I have a deseret news and a tribune. I went back and looked page by page I don't have any at all. My aunt gave me hers so i have that one but none of my papers have them.