Friday, July 2

Kmart doubling coupons next week!

Kmart is doubling coupons starting this Sunday! They will doubling coupons all week, so...

$1.00 off coupon= $2.00 off!
$1.50 off coupon= $3.00 off!
$2.00 off coupon= $4.00 off!

This time they are doubling 'health and beauty' coupons, so be prepared with your high value coupons to use in that category. Get printing and cutting now to be prepared.

Here is a
list of Kmart participating in the doubles event. It looks as though every store in Utah is!

Here are some more rules to know:

1. Only 5 coupons a day may be doubled. You may use more than 5 coupons at checkout, but only the first 5 will be doubled in value.

2. You will need a
Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards Card in order to double your coupons. You can sign up online for a card and print a temporary card to use while you wait for your plastic card to be mailed.

3. Make sure your Rewards card or card # is swiped or typed in before they ring in your purchases.

4. Store coupons will not be doubled.

Thanks, Coupons Equal Cash & Utah Deal Diva!

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Norm and Melissa Scown said...

what about coupons that say do not double will they be doubled?