Wednesday, June 30

How much money did YOU save?

How was your week at Smith's? I didn't get everything on my shopping list (the Bounty paper towels eluded me again!) but I must say I really enjoy getting lots of groceries for FREE and cheap! Phew- that was fun! I like to treat coupon shopping like a game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Mostly... YOU WIN BIG with all the money saved!

I need to also insert here that I've heard from a lot of you about the P&G eSaver coupons not coming off at checkout. The same thing happened to me last night. So, you can send them a message or call them at 1-888-818-0540 and they will credit your card so that the coupon amounts will come off at your next trip at Smith's. Oh, yes, I'll be back- now I have catalina coupons to spend, too!

I heard from some of you about your awesome coupon trips. Here are a few- oooh, it makes me so excited!

First, from Deanne:

"Thanks for all the work that you do on your blog. My shopping trip last night was great!!! My total came to $51.63 and I ended up spending $7.47 and received a $3.50 Catalina. I went back this morning and they were re-stocked on a few things that they didn’t have last night. This Smiths is always really friendly and very courteous when I’ve been there to use coupons and usually has most items."

And, from Haley:

"I ... got tons of stuff and saved a lot of money! I got the following:

Best Foods Mayo
2 boxes Cheerios
3 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
2 boxes America's Best Penne pasta
40 oz box Bisquick
2 bottles Windex cleaner
2 boxes Betty Crocker brownies
2 bags goldfish
1 box Cascade dish soap
1 loaf Sara Lee bread
1 box Pop Tarts

Total before coupons= $47.17
Total after coupon= $22.20 (66%)

That is almost the same as my shopping trip from Wednesday where I spent $18.98 and saved $22.09 (69%)! I'm really excited and I got so much stuff for so cheap!"

(Click on her receipt to see the savings details!)

And from Amy....
"Dear Heather,
I wanted to share my awesome shopping day with you. I spent a total of $11.84, and received $9.50 back in RR.
I purchased the Body Wash, Carefree liners, and benadryl pens from wal-mart for $1.99
I purchased the trident gun, and 10 totinos pizza at Smiths for $1.97, I did use a $4.50 RR I received from Walgreen's at Smith's, my Smith's lets me do that so the total before the RR would have been $6.47
I purchased the razor and old spice body wash, and bic lighters from Walgreens for $7.88
I got all 5 of the flashlights FREE from Harbor Freight.

I was so excited I could hardly stand it. If I added back the RR I spent at Smith's and subtracted the other RR I received from Walgreens then my total out of pocket would have been, $6.47. YAY!!! I could hardle believe it, and my hubby has given me multiple kisses and high fives.

Thank you Heather for all of your help with understanding couponing and saving my family so much money, you are awesome!!!


WOW! These are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us, ladies. I love stories about saving tons of money- the crazy thing, is.... this happens every week! If you're new here, get ready for an amazing journey of saving tons of money and spending tiny amounts for items that you use everyday! It doesn't even need to be a super coupon event like Smith's had this week. We're having a blast saving money every week of the year!


Christy said...

I contacted Kroger about the P&G ecoupons and got this email back: "Thank you for contacting Smith's. your account as an alternative id. We are no longer linked with P & G Esavers. The decided not to renew their contract with Kroger. You will need to contact them for their reasons. You may participate with the Smith's coupons that are on our website. Also we do have Shortcuts and Cellfire coupons that you able to utilize with your Smith's reward card."

Heather said...

Hi Christy,
Smith's does have their own eCoupons from the Kroger website. The Cellfire, Shortcuts, and P&G eCoupons are all separate companies. If you need to contact anyone about your eCoupons, contact them separately. Whether or not Smith's has contracts with these companies or not, the eCoupons can be loaded onto your Smith's card and the amounts of your coupons come off at checkout. If for any reason they do not, contact the company with the available coupon(s) directly. I called P&G yesterday and my amounts should come off next time I buy groceries at Smith's. I had another reader say that she called in and her amounts were taken off the next time she went shopping! The number I posted on this post is the direct number to the P&G coupons. Call them if you have questions about the P&G eCoupons.