Saturday, June 26

Even more FREE items at Smith's!

Yes, there are even more FREE possibilities to snag at Smith's! These are the FREE and almost FREE things you can pick up with your new P&G eSaver coupons:

Dawn Dish Liquid 9.5 oz. $1.49
Use .25/1 P&G 6/6
Also use
.50/1 P&G eSaver coupon
Final price: FREE!

Zest Soap Bar $1.00 (Check the price at your store.)
$1/1 P&G eSaver coupon
Final price: FREE!

Secret Deoderant $2.54 (Again, this price may only be at select Smith's stores.) Use
$3/2 P&G eSaver coupon
Use 2 .50/1 SS 6/6 coupons
Final price: 4 cents each!

And... FREE Old Spice deoderant and body washes!

Buy 2 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Washes $2.99 each
Buy 2 Fresh Collections Deoderant $3.49 each
Use both
$3/2 P&G eSaver Old Spice deoderant & body wash coupons
Also use 2 B1 Body Wash G1 Deoderant FREE coupons P&G 6/6
Final price: All 4 for FREE and make 2 cents!

WOW! Thanks, Amy and Susan!

Plus, yesterday I confirmed that the .25/1 P&G 6/6 Ivory coupon (the one with the picture of the dish soap on it) will get you FREE Ivory body wash! The coupon is for any Ivory product, so more FREE body wash!

And, my favorite eCoupon- the $4/1 Prilosec P&G eSaver coupon can be stacked with the $5/1 USA Weekend/Parade Magazine coupon and made the 14 ct. Prilosec 99 cents!

The Prilosec is also a participating item, so if you buy 9 other participating items, the Prilosec is only 69 cents! Sweet!

Love it!

And, I got an interesting bit of information from a friend that lives in the Riverton area. She took her coupons to Wal-mart and found that they will price match the Smith's sale and match the coupon deal as well! They rounded her coupons up to $1 off too! There's no guarantee that your Wal-mart will do the same, so check at the customer service desk before you load up your cart. Sweet, right? Thanks, Shelley!

How have your bargain trips to Smith's been going? I'm putting together some reader success stories and pictures, I'd love to add yours to theirs! Send me your stories and pictures to savvysistershops (Just remove the space.) Have a fun Saturday today! Shopping, anyone?


brudcrew said...

My Smiths in Farmington rounded up my "Do Not Double" coupons! I think I will be going back because I did not stock up on fruit snacks thinking the coupons wouldn't be rounded up.

Heather said...

That's awesome! I haven't heard about much trouble with those coupons. Maybe they're still rounding them up anyway!

Amanda said...

The Layton Walmart says they will not match the rounding up to a dollar Smith's deal...just fyi for you other layton peeps!

Taryn said...

I was wondering how we get the free dove body wash with the Ivory coupon. Does Ivory make Dove products? Will the store know this?


Heather said...

Thanks for the info Amanda!

Taryn- I made a mistake with the Dove- I meant Ivory and changed my typo.

Wards said...

Thanks Heather. I really thought I had lost my mind. Good to know I still have half of it left :)

Maryann said...

Is there something special you need to do to add the new P&G E Coups. I haven't been able to get any. Is it just a certain area?

Heather said...

Hi, there were others that had trouble loading the P&G coupons. The site told them that they weren't available in their area. I found a place to send P&G a message and find out how you can get them. If it works right, you should just be able to click them and they are automatically added to your card.

There will be more of these available in July, here's hoping that everyone will be able to access them!