Wednesday, June 23

How was your 1st day of the Smith's sale?

Did you go at midnight? Or 5 a.m.? The manager at my Smith's said there was a line outside her store at 6 a.m. I'm pretty sure that crowd wiped out the paper towels and the ketchup I was after!

The same manager that I spoke to said that they get trucks full of stock EVERY morning. She said her best advice for tracking down an item you want is to call Smith's in the morning to see if it's back on the shelves.

Another issue that I found was that all coupons that say 'Do Not Double' on them cannot be rounded up to a dollar. 'Do Not Double' coupons have numbers on the bar code that do not allow them to be adjusted automatically when they are scanned at checkout. This is the same reason that Family Fresh Foods is not able to double any 'Do Not Double' or 'Not Subject to Doubling' coupons.

It seems like these coupons were not an issue at the last coupon event- was that just last month? Yes, I believe it was!

Here are a few more deals that my friends have let me know about at the Smith's Coupon Event:

First up, Autumn discovered that if you purchase 4 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks instead of 6, they are only 32 cents each with the catalina, printed coupons, and eCoupons.
Thanks, Autumn!

Next, Audrey at
Tight Wad in Utah found these deals with some special coupons:

Mojo Cliff Bar $1.00
Use .50/1 coupon from the
Mambo Sprouts mailer
Final price: FREE!

Mezzetta Peppers $1.69
Use .50/1 April or June All You Magazine
Final price: 69 cents!

Also, I noticed that the David Sunflower Seeds 5.25 oz. bags are only 99 cents now! Use the $1/2 printable coupons and they are just 49 cents each.

My Smith's also had some tearpad .50/1 Candy Bar coupons stuck to Coke products in the coolers. They are good for 50 cents off any candy bar when you buy a 20 oz. or 1 liter Coke product. These Coke products are $1.00 each. If they round these coupons up to $1 off as well, you could get the BIG candy bars near checkout for FREE, or get the smaller candy bars (priced at 50 cents each) for FREE and get 50 cents off your Coke drink as well! (If they do not adjust the coupon just for the candy bar, that is.) Your Coke and candy bar will be 25 cents each!


Liz said...

Hi Heather, It's me again. Sorry, I keep bugging you. But I just had to be clear. So the coupons that say "Do not Double" they will not round up to $1? Even though their add says "All Manufacturer's coupons now worth $1" They wont even manually do it? Or something?? I'm just asking because unfortunately, because I'm so new at this, most of my coupons are the printable ones that say "do not double." Is it even worth it for me to still use them if they are not rounded up to $1? I was planning on going tomorrow. And I am shocked that there are people that go that early in the morning! A line out the door??!! Really! Wow! Ok that's all. Thanks.

Liz said...

One more quick question...

Do E coupons get rounded up to a dollar??

Liz said...

O.k. disregard the previous ecoupon question. I just read the answer in a previous post. But I have another question. Can you stack ecoupns with the printable ones? Thanks!

Heather said...

Hi Liz,
Yes, the eCoupons can be stacked with the paper/printable coupons.
The manager at Smith's told me about the 'Do Not Double' coupons not being able to be adjusted, but I need to look at my receipt from yesterday and see if mine still were. I always encourage newspaper subscriptions for my readers that shop at Family Fresh Foods, because the paper coupons usually may be doubled. They end up being more valuable.
If you wanted to just try out your coupons and see, buy a few things and see if they are doubled. The Smith's manager said that they will not get paid for coupons that are typed in, they need to be scanned in. Some coupons' codes will not allow for adjustments, like the 'Do Not Double' coupons. Let me know how it goes and I'll examine my receipt today. Happy shopping!