Thursday, June 24

Salt Lake City Jazz Festival Tickets

Oh, yes- I am totally taking my husband to this! Today's Groupon offer is a $16 All-Day admission ticket to the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival for $8! 50% off!

I think I told you that my husband is a drummer? While he usually rocks out with the likes of RUSH, (oh yes, he does.... I know, he doesn't look the type!) jazz music is his very favorite! I've always wanted to take him to this annual Jazz festival when I hear about it and now I can with these super low-price tickets!

If you love jazz, too- here are some other highlights of these
Groupon tickets:

•Live music, food, and art
•Outdoor entertainment
•Multiple stages

He's going to be so excited, too! I am pumped about this deal! Enjoy!

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