Tuesday, February 8

$35 Kabloom Flowers for $15! (Even less with credits!)

Does your sweetheart need a little "hint" for Valentines Day? Forwarding this idea onto him may help, you'll get beautiful flowers and he'll get a great deal!

Deal Pulp has a
$35 voucher to KaBloom (online flower shop) for $15! As soon as you sign up for Deal Pulp, you get an automatic $5 credit, so that makes this deal only $10. KaBloom also offers FREE shipping on select arrangements.

If you also picked up the $10 Deal Pulp credit last week for $1, this deal could be as low as FREE for you when you use your credits! Invite your friends to sign up for this deal as well and you will continue to get $5 Deal Pulp credits to use on future purchases.

Which flowers are your favorites? I'm loving this Gerbera Daisies arrangement! (I'm also hoping my sweetie is reading my blog today...!)

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