Thursday, February 10

FREE $5 Thred UP credit!

There's lots of GREAT news going on at Thred UP! Remember when we got the box of kids' clothes for just $1 from Thred UP? Now they have multiple offers that are pretty amazing!

First of all, sign up for an account with Thred UP and get a
FREE $5 credit! That's enough for a FREE box of gently used kids clothes, just pay shipping costs.

Next, be sure to pass along the good news about Thred UP! Enter your friend's e-mail addresses on the Thred UP site. As soon as they sign up, they will get the FREE $5 credit, too! Then, you will get a $5 credit when they checkout! It's virtually FREE kids clothes over and over again for your family!

I began to look for some clothes for my kids and they are running low on their supply in a few categories. A window on the side popped up and said I could earn a
FREE $4 credit just for listing clothing in select sizes! These were the sizes listed today:

WOW! Add these credits to your Deal Pulp gift certificate and it's FREE clothes and
FREE Thred UP credits for everyone! The more of us that participate in Thred UP, the more variety and better quality will be available on the site. I'm super excited about this!

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