Tuesday, February 8

NEW Cellfire coupons to click!

More Cellfire coupons were released today! Just sign in with a phone number and year of birth (assuming you already have a Cellfire account), then click to save the coupons to your Kroger and Kroger-affiliated stores!

The new coupons that caught my eye today are the .75/1 Total Cereal coupon and the .75 off Yoplait Yogurt for kids. We always buy yogurt and cereal on our shopping trips, so these are always handy. The best part of Cellfire coupons is that there is no need to cut anything out!

If you'd like a list of the coupons clipped at Cellfire, be sure to print a list after you add them all. It's a nice way to remember what you have loaded onto your shoppers card.

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