Tuesday, March 9

$1/1 Kix coupon

There's a $1/1 Kix coupon over here! I printed two, and they cannot be doubled, but Family Fresh Foods has these on sale for $2 a box. Score a 2 boxes of cereal for $1 each!

Hint: Never pay more than $1 a box for cereal! You never have to when you use coupons and watch the sales. Unless, there's a cereal you really love and regularly use. We only buy the very inexpensive sales and use coupons and got a huge stock of cereal in a hurry!

Thanks Maven of Savin'!


brudcrew said...

Okay, I've been getting up the courage to ask a REALLY dumb question. Is Family Fresh Foods the chain that took over Albertsons?

Heather said...

Thanks for asking, that is a GREAT question! This is confusing to many people, because the chain that took over Albertson's is called 'Fresh Market'- it's a different store!

Family Fresh Foods is a one-owner store, it's the only one in Utah. The owners moved here from Minnesota, where stores that double coupons is pretty standard. So, no, this is not the store that took the Albertson's old stores. Family Fresh Foods is located in Washington Terrace in the Ogden area. Thanks again, I hope you make a trip there soon!