Thursday, March 11

A new Savvy Sister Shopping video

I have a sad announcement! My computer is feeling ill today and I cannot access blogger. I am posting this on a friend's computer, so I will try to post the hottest deals of the day for you, but it may be a challenge!

I wanted to at least show you this video of a shopping trip I went on with my friend, Dahlene. We went to Family Fresh Foods (of course!) I'm laughing now because I didn't think about the awesome background we chose- the reconstruction area of the pharmacy! Well, I'll choose a better location next time.

Dahlene recently placed a newspaper subscription with The Standard Examiner and she's having tons of fun with all the savings in just one week! Read more about that here. This is what Dahlene had to say about saving money last week:

"Last week Matt and I shopped at Target and the grocery stores we usually go to. Just in receiving one Sunday paper and printing off the coupons you told us about we saved $55 in two shopping trips. That was before we knew what we were doing. I love the cellfire coupons, because it's like doubling your coupon. I went to Smith's today and spent $44. I used $17 in manufacturer's coupons and saved $44 on my whole order, because I shopped the sales and used the Cellfire coupons loaded onto my Smith's card. It does take some time and dedication, but I think it will be easier as time goes on and I get more experience. Thanks for showing me this fun way to save money!"

Isn't that awesome? What are YOU doing with all the money you save?

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