Friday, March 12

$2.50 Johnson's catalina- it works!

So, I was skeptical of what I heard about the $2.50 Johnson's catalina when you buy 3 Johnson's products, but I can tell you that it works! I did this at Smith's yesterday- I got 3 soap buddies priced at 99 cents each, used 3 Johnson's $1/1 printable coupons and got all 3 free. (By the way, for some reason, my coupons work better at the self-check out at Smith's- they always take my coupons there, no questions asked!)

The coupons were adjusted to 99 cents off and the $2.50 off 3 Johnson's products catalina came shooting out! (I'd post a picture, but I'm on a borrowed computer. The ladies at the coupon class last night saw it- it's for real!) Whoo-hoo! 6 bars of soap for 47 cents, that's an awesome deal!

Did anyone else get this deal with your Johnson's coupons? Did the catalina work at other stores like Target? Let me know!


Shelley said...

I didn't get one at Target, but maybe the cashier secretly threw it away because she was already mad at me. ;)

Amy said...

I had done this deal with buying three and it worked but then just earlier this week I heard it worked with only buying TWO! So I tried it again when I went to Smith's on Tuesday and only bought two and it worked!