Tuesday, March 9

Another $1/1 Johnson's coupon!

Another $1/1 Johnson's baby products coupon has been released on coupons.com! Print 2 and enjoy all that FREE soap!!

(In case you haven't heard, you can buy FREE Johnson's buddy soaps at Wal-mart or Target with these coupons!)


Shelley said...

I'm frustrated with my Target trip today...

I have always used these coupons before and they were not working. The Bop-It coupons were not working, (telling me it had to be the big game), AND I even used the Target $ 1 off Band-Aid coupon to let my boys get some fun Band-Aids and THAT wouldn't even work. Every coupon in my hand was denied by the register. After a bit of a fight, they did a manual override, but the cashier was telling me that I was causing her cashier score to go down because she accepted the coupons. What is going on there?!

Heather said...

Uh oh. I had similar problems that day I went with the Pictureka coupon. I don't know what Target has said to their cashiers lately.

I would suggest finding a cashier you know you won't have a problemo with. Yesterday I waited in a LONG line to get the cashier I wanted! Everybody was like, "I can help you over here" and "She can help you in this checkout!" I just told them no thank you, I like this cashier and I'm going to wait in her line.

I hope you have a cashier like that at your Target somewhere!

Gemmie said...

I tried to use these at Smiths and they wouldn't let me because they were one cent less than what the coupon was for. Is there a policy on coupons being worth more than the product?

Heather said...

I think Smith's is silly to refuse the coupon over a penny. They still get paid $1 (+ handling fee) from Johnson's when they accept the coupon. They do have the right to refuse any coupon for any reason, though.

They could also adjust the coupon to 99 cents for you, I'm sure that wouldn't be hard for them to do.
I haven't tried this coupon at Smith's- Target always takes the $1/1 coupon for this item, sometimes they adjust it and sometimes they don't.