Saturday, July 10

$15 Prepaid VISA offer

WOW! Eat Better America sent out this e-mail message to select members- did you get one?

Eat Better America wants to help you stock up on all your favorite healthy products this summer. Get a $15 Visa prepaid card when you purchase $30 worth of participating products. Purchases must be made between July 9th and July 23rd.

If you're not a member of
Eat Better America, sign up now! This is a sweet offer- like getting another 50 cents off each item you buy. That makes your Cheerios and yogurt even cheaper!

Thanks for the heads up, Kamilyn!


Amanda said...

Heather...I am a member but didn't get the you have more info? Thanks

Heather said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm a member as well- but no offer for me either. I think they sent these e-mail messages out randomly.... darn!