Friday, July 9

New eCoupon info

Well, it's true that you learn something new everyday. I just learned that the Smith's, P&G eSaver & Shortcuts eCoupons are all connected- who knew!? If there is an eCoupon that is the same on these sites, you may only load it to your Smith's card once.

But, if the coupon value is different on the different site, you can load each different coupon once. Cellfire eCoupons are totally separate from the other 3 eCoupon sites.

If you have had trouble this week with eCoupons, be sure to contact the company where you loaded the eCoupon from- they should be able to make it so the coupon amount will come off at your next transaction at Smith's.

Phew- this is a little confusing!

Thanks for the info, Amy!

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Paige said...

Thanks for the info...the girl I talked to was right and now things make much more sense and I am pretty sure that I'm still owed 75 cents but I am glad to know more of how this goes.

Now that was quite the run-on.